3d Tv Repair

Passive 3D LED TV Picture Technology

A 3D TV can let you watch movies sometimes without using the bothersome 3D glasses. Try as they might to make a pair of 3D glasses that work well for the many near and far sighted people out there it just hasn’t happened yet. The fact is, nobody knows exactly how “active shutter” technology will affect 3D TV viewers and 3D movie audiences.

A Separate Low Voltage Power Supply

Focus voltage is derived from a subset of the high voltage winding on the flyback using a resistive voltage divider which includes the focus pot. The main board interprets this as excessive high voltage and shuts the horizontal output down to protect the circuit and ostensibly to protect from Xrays.

A True Full HD 3D Quality

Hopefully it is very clear that LCD TV is something that can have quite an impact on you and others, too. Vivid vision This Samsung F5500 LED TV boasts a Full HD 1080p display for immersive picture quality that’s rich in definition and strikingly life-like.