A Good TV Repair Man

A Joke And No Local TV Repair

Reading the language on a TV warranty can be a lot like trying to read a complex legal settlement, and in many ways it is. Called Directv tech and went through a bazillion codes and a couple other steps and couldn’t get it working. There may be others as well but without a service manual, there is no way of knowing for sure.

A Bright Light Behind The Circuit Board

Taking out the plate was easy enough and fetching the board required long pliers to press a little the two plastic holders that held the board in place. Even a capacitor that tests good on a capacitor checker may not work properly due to excessive ESR.

A Long Time

A typical classroom with 30 people requires a minimum of 15 x 30 or 450 cfm of outside air. A controversial new discipline policy at Lawrence Middle School in New Jersey is limiting students to just 15 bathroom breaks a month.