A Professional LG TV Repair Program

Replacing them may get this unit operational, however, if the horizontal output also is shorted you may have a defect in the fbt or deflection circuits or derived supplies. Too much high voltage often results when the lower voltage DC supply feeding the high voltage supply circuitry somehow gets too high. Commonly covered subjects are soldering, chroma and luminescence, TV monitor principles, deflection and power, TV RF and signal stages, amplifiers and transistor analysis, electric principles and circuit analysis.

LG CURVED OLED TV transforms the viewing experience with its color richness and dazzling picture quality. LG TVs let you cycle through different aspect ratios, stretching the image or zooming in on it to fit the contours of your screen. LG sells a FMA-101 device that works for changing all sets at once and works over a broad number of their products.

There is a 6-volt zener diode in the startup circuit that may have become leaky, or shorted. I’ve had some of the LG’s with the heat related dots caused by bad logic boards.

TENS should not be used by people with an artificial cardiac pacemaker due to risk of interference and failure of their implanted device. Unexpected breakdowns are not something you want to happen on your LCD TV however if you have an option to protect it then go for it.