A TV Repair Question

A High Voltage Power

Typically, a tap from the flyback transformer feeds a diode and a filter capacitor to produce a sample DC voltage proportional to the high voltage. Get a good schematic from Sony and check each component in the standby power supply circuit. After discharged and checked with Blue ESR meter there was no reading from the meter.

An Online Repair Manual Of A Yamaha ATV

There are tons of sites out there that will give you all sorts of information on specific fixes, and things like changing the oil. Dumar Internationl are the manufacturers of this bike, so you can go to there site to order parts and get troubleshooting tips.

A Properly Working TV Or Monitor

If you have a problem with your ATC, buy the repair manual first, and try to diagnose the problem before you email me. The first thing that many people think to do is to call a TV repair man to fix the set.