All Your TV Repairs

The 12 Volt DC Power Breaker Panel

The Remote Doctor can fix your remote for any TV, VCR, satellite, stereo, CD, Audio, and DVD, etc.  Qualified personnel working at Replacement Remotes do all remote control repairs. Try to find the correct wiring diagram for your RV power converter to find the resistor. There shouldn’t be anything on board your RV which would be affected by doing this.

Your Standard TV Set Or Monitor

With just a few clicks of the mouse you will be able to find a Television Repair shop in your area. Setting up a computer in your home theater is not generally as hard as some think.

A Separate Low Voltage Power Supply

Unfortunately after replacing these plus all capacitors around IC601 and transformer T601 no AC is detected on the secondary of T601. There is no response / clicking sound for the remote or for the power button of the TV.