Color TV Repair Progress Part 2

A TV Set Fault Or A Repair Problem

Customer service said it’s out of warranty and there’s nothing they can or will do. Basic troubleshooting focuses on the most common problem areas in auto repair, and provides a good starting point for searching out what repairs need to be made. Even though your model and problem may not be included, there is a good chance your problem is covered but with respect to some other model printer or copier.

The Power Button On The Tv

If TV is turned off for 5-10 mins, picture will be normal until set starts warming up and repeats cycle. Other says nothing wrong with the TV that it came on every time after being unplugged.

A Separate Low Voltage Power Supply

Either you have something wrong with the high voltage transformer or the tuning caps or there is a problem with the x-ray protect pick off voltage to the deflection IC. The voltage in the B+ power supply in normally not high enough to cause an arc.