Diy Tv Repair Guide

The most common tv repairs will be discussed along with pictures demonstrating simple methods of repair. Instead of picking up the phone to call a service technician, pick up your owner’s manual and look for television troubleshooting techniques provided by the manufacturer. Although the internet is convenient, cheap and anonymous, you will be able to do DIY electronics repairs if you have hands-one experience.

Please remember that the TV has high voltage and can kill you if you touch the wrong part. Focus voltage is derived from a subset of the high voltage winding on the flyback using a resistive voltage divider which includes the focus pot. When there is no signal, the IC output voltages are incorrect as well as the feedback voltage to pin 26. The most likely cause of the problems listed in the previous thread is a failed voltage regulator.

On top of the tube there is a lens that focuses the video on the screen. One of the common problems associated with this type of TV is a condition where there is no picture with sound.

When the coil loses contact with the screen, the blotches of color should be gone. Turned the screw the opposite way and walla TV stayed on and no more red lines.