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You will find LCD Tv Repair shops, plasma Tv Repair shops and Television Repair Professionals. A website can also help promote your home business, as most potential customers may search online for TV repair services in their area. Learn how long repairs on your TV should take and get the repair place to stick to that timetable.

A TV And Video Equipment Repair Technician

Find out a TV and video equipment repair technician’s typical job duties and the training needed to succeed in the field. If your get readings that don’t make sense, you may be using your equipment in a way which is confusing it.

The Standby Power Supply Or Voltage

If it failed, or some component in the HV circuit failed, the high voltage, normally 25kV, could go up to 35kV or more, causing some X-Ray leakage from the CRT. When turned off with the remote or front panel button, you are not actually killing AC power but are probably switching off the deflection and signal circuits. Only voltage, current and waveform checks are done with power on and in that case you need to be using an isolation transformer.