How-to Tv Repair Videos

The Head Drum And The Video Heads

The flying erase head follows the video tracks in the same diagonal direction, contrary to the regular erase heads which erase all information vertically. Also, any problem with the HiFi record or playback would also result in the VCR defaulting back to linear track playback. Keep in mind that video tape repair is a delicate process, and any missteps could spell disaster for your video tape.

A Separate Low Voltage Power Supply

A bad connection or blown fusable resistor may be the cause of a missing power supply voltage. With all three color affected equally, this would most likely be a power supply problem.

The Screen With The TV Or Monitor

Ideally you should disassemble the laptop completely, remove the display panel and only after that take it apart and remove the LCD screen. If the laptop screen is a solid white color, then the problem is possibly a bad cable connection between the monitor and the system board.