Led Tv Repair

A flat-screen LCD TV is a type of flat-panel display that often looks similar to a plasma but uses fluorescent lamps as a backlight source. An inverter board is a rectangular circuit board used in many types of electronics to funnel power to an LCD screen. Plasma TVs are available only on the other end of the spectrum—from about 42 inches on up. This is a video howto on repairing common power-up failure on samsung 52 flat screen flat panel lcd television.

Another important thing to remember is to turn off the power supply of the device before checking the voltage of a component. The HV shutdown circuit usually monitors a winding off of the flyback for voltage exceeding some reference and then sets a flip flop shutting the horizontal drive off. Otherwise, you will need to determine where the supply is on your particular board and take the appropriate voltage from there.

Your TV says a lot about who you are, so having an out-of-date television can give the wrong impression. Websites you can order online to buy LCD Monitor spare parts like Inverter board, Main Boards and etc. The most common, the cheapest broken part on an old dated LCD monitor, is the dimming or the failing of the backlight after substanstial use.