Magnavox Tv Repair

There’s no reason to call in an expensive service technician if the Magnavox TV repair you need is basic troubleshooting. While generally reliable, TVs do need occasional TV repair in order to maintain its working condition over a long period of time.

With the completion of this merger as of October, 2009, MX TV Parts has continued to provide quick turn around time on products and great customer service to their clients. Magnavox TV troubleshooting tips do not resolve your issue, refer to your owners manual or contact Magnavox directly.

Checking capacitors in the horizontal drive circuit the tech found cap 2455 a 47mf25v in hdt circuit defective. The inverter, sometimes there are two, and sometimes just one, they put out the High voltage to the panel, to light it up. If the low voltage comes instead from a switching regulated supply and you can’t readily determine the normal output voltage, check for a bad filter capacitor on the feedback winding. Check G2 voltage, if not stable, screen / focus divider on flyback is bad replace FBT, also check resistor in ABL circuit. When there is no signal, the IC output voltages are incorrect as well as the feedback voltage to pin 26. Your Phillips Magnavox TV produces high quality images so you can enjoy your favorite gaming, comedies, movies and sporting events.