Mitsubishi Tv Repair

Rex Television Service has provided professional Mitsubishi TV Repair for over 35 years and is your best choice for fast turnaround and cost effective Mitsubishi TV Repair. There are numerous things you can do in order to either repair your TV yourself or find one of the scarce Mitsubishi TV experts to do it for you. TV repair is best done by a trained professional, one who has been trained and certified by a professional TV repair program. Nowadays, TV repairs are getting more expensive, hence it pays a lot to be able to know how to troubleshoot your Mitsubishi TV before asking the help of a professional.

If the low voltage comes instead from a switching regulated supply and you can’t readily determine the normal output voltage, check for a bad filter capacitor on the feedback winding. If the startup scr is bypassed it has a normal raster, but appears to be missing tuning voltage, tuner lites and some other voltages. If Q10 on power supply board is shorted, then Q10 on deflection board is shorted. Of course, a separate isolated AC or DC supply could be added where the heater is originally DC.

Correct the vertical hold on a Mitsubishi big screen television to provide a correctly centered picture to the screen. Also reset the television controls and the remote control to ensure they are not creating the problem either.