Plasma Tv Repair

A Plasma TV Repair

Always bring televisions to a repair shop or electronics store as soon as possible. The TV is being sold as is for parts or repair. By now there are many LCD TV already over warranty and need to be repair. Plasma screen TV repair can be costly if you do not have a warranty or the problem with the screen falls outside of the warranty. Plasma screen televisions should last, on average, between 10 and 20 years with moderate use. Plasma screen televisions, like most electronic equipment, are extremely fragile.

The Plasma Display Element On A Plasma TV

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The Screen For Long Periods Of Time

Burn-in usually appears when the same picture is displayed on the screen for long periods of time. Even if most of the screen is aged more than a small portion of it, the result appears the same. The screen has gone black with a small thin green line going through it. Burn-in is more serious, and needs to be avoided at all costs.