Rca Tv Repair

Old TV Schematics / Television Service Manuals

RCA TV Repair San Diego uses genuine RCA television parts and provides you with an on-spot diagnosis and estimate of your repair cost without charging anything. Perhaps you need old TV schematics / television service manuals to repair your vintage television sets. With a service call you will find out exactly what is going wrong with your TV unit.

Dlp Tv Repair

TV Repair Chicago offers big screen repair, projection tv repair, lcd tv repair, plasma repair, and dlp tv repair. Grab this opportunity to learn LCD TV repair from this website before your competitors does.

The High Voltage Supply Circuitry Somehow

Usually, this is a separate low voltage power supply using a small power transformer for line isolation. Has a popped capacitor in the horizontal deflection circuit, works but has a weak crt. Note that you can’t determine the health of a capacitor just by looking at it.