Right TV Repair Center

A Bad Solder Connection Inside Of The Tuner

You can leave the wires attached and bunched on the right side and carefully swing open the chassis, exposing the faulty control board. First thing to do with a 175, 176, or 177 chassis is resolder the grounds on the shields for the tuner & microprocessor.

Good Plasma TV Repair Guide

If you want to save money when buying a brand new LED TV, going with a non-name brand is a good option. Those items are pretty much the same as what you will find on the Lowes store.

The Laser Diode To Regulate Beam Power

Make all connections with power OFF as the momentary glitch from attaching the probes and/or an accidental short circuit can easily toast the laser diode and other parts. Often the best way to test is by playing a DVD player on your TV through various inputs.