Sony Projection Tv Repair

A Sony BRAVIA Rear Projection Television Chances

Many people have chosen projection TVs in the past few years, resulting in the fact that Sony TV projection repair needs have grown exponentially. At Sears, you can find projection TV lamps from top electronics brands to repair both front and rear projection televisions.

The High Voltage And The Horizontal Deflection

Then, with a load on the output of the power supply use a Variac to bring up the voltage slowly and observe what happens. When a lamp fails to light, the lamp power supply may make a buzzing or arcing noise caused by the excess high voltage being bled off. If you Sony LCD projection TV overheats, the thermal fuse could short circuit the power going to the transformer.

The Picture Tube Panel

If a particular area of the screen is dark, a conventional set will have to set its shutters close to opaque to cut down the light. Occasionally when you turn it on, the picture will come on for about 15 secs, then go to a distorted half screen for a few more secs and then black.