Sony Tv Repair

Sony TV Service Company does Sony TV Repair and performs home TV repair on Sony Television in nearly 400 zip codes in the Chicago metro area and North West Indiana. TV repair is best done by a trained professional, one who has been trained and certified by a professional TV repair program. If your Sony HDTV or large-screen television needs repair you don’t have wait days or weeks for service and miss your favorite programs. Consider checking the A/V cables if you are lacking sound or picture from your Sony TV set.

Generally, Sony TV repair is more common on older Sony TV sets, but digital Sony TV repair of sets such as LCDs and Plasma TVs, is also very common. Your TV should last at least five years, however sometimes Sony TV’s may have issues because of component malfunction. The good news is, however, that newer Sony units don’t always have such a significant problem, and troubleshooting them can also be easier.

Most such power supplies put out several regulated voltages, derived from separate windings on the switching supply transformer, then rectified and filtered, for use in various places in the set. The vertical deflection is done in this unit with a AN5515 vert defl sip module. There is a 6-volt zener diode in the startup circuit that may have become leaky, or shorted.