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The Aerialforce free estimate service is available for new TV aerial and satellite installations or to an existing functional system. There are thousands of rated tradesmen and service-providers in Lowestoft waiting for your job descriptions in all areas including tv repair.

Heavy Short Circuit In The Power Supply Section

Either the mast preamplifier or the power supply went bad or the coax cable connection between the mast preamplifier and power supply went bad. DMMs are not good at checking semiconductors in-circuit or the power transistor you are testing may have a built in damper diode and/or base resistor.

The Regulating Circuits In The Set

Before, set would sometimes power off, but would come back on by itself, or after a while the power switch would turn it on. The trick is that some of the values in the EEPROM are sent to the micro when the set is plugged in, and others when the set is turned on.