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The Same Time You Purchase Your Electrical Goods

A good parts dealer will not want to sell you anything for your motor unless they know exactly what you have. You can get pretty much any part you need for an old motor through e-Bay or on the Internet in general. If you have an old outboard, you need to tune it up before you put it on a lake and expect it to fire up and run. You may have to tinker with the 10k pot to get the frequency right for the device you are targeting. You will gain the most by learning and using the kind of information that offers you the greatest influence.

The 12 Volt DC Power Breaker Panel

You may be able to follow the wires from the converter to locate the battery as it is charged by the converter. If you are getting 12 volts at the 12 volt breaker panel, all of the lights, fridge, fans, etc. should work.