TV Repair Technicians Comment

Use an external DVD player for this process, even if you have an internal DVD player on your plasma television. Turn the screen off and unplug the TV if the TV appears to be in working order except for the crack. If you are watching programs that have logo, news ticker or any other static elements don’t leave the TV on the same channel for more than an hour. If I’m watching one channel when a TiVo recording starts on another channel, the channel I’m watching is changed to the recording channel.

Extremely disappointed with quality of product which gave after 5 years and poor customer service. The repair shop tech said it would cost more to repair than to purchase a new TV if they could even get a part. You piss off a customer, especially in this day and age, you get shit like this post which turns a whole lot of people off the company. The one time he did try to fix a particularly expensive set it took him and two other employees three weeks to get it going.

Test the motor and its power supply, inspect for broken or dislocated parts, test the power switch, check and replace the belt if needed. The most common and cost effective fix for this TV failure is to have the capacitors on the power supply replaced. Once the board was removed, it was easy to insert the replacement board, making sure to reconnect each ribbon cable and plug exactly.